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Why UniStaff?

Why use UniStaff? Because 90% of our job openings never get advertised. Our experience and network of contacts gives you special access to many of these unpublished openings. And you never pay a fee. We don’t waste your time on interviews that aren’t a great match. Our goal is finding the perfect fit both for you and for your new employer. We don’t settle for less.



Temporary Jobs

If you are unemployed, you may want to consider temporary jobs as a source of income while you continue your search. Temporary work often leads to permanent positions, and it provides a welcome stream of income so you don’t take the wrong job out of desperation. When you’re ready to find a great new job send us your resume and complete our online application. We look forward to working with you.

Let's Get Started

Because we build long-term relationships with our client companies, we know what types of employees they want. We coach you prior to an interview so you can answer their questions well and have your own questions ready. Once your application is complete, we arrange  interviews to match your qualifications, and if you’re currently at a job, we’ll take every measure to ensure confidentiality. We’ll also provide information on resumes and interviews (see link below)  We’ll give you valuable insights into the company’s culture.

Work with UniStaff
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Mountain Biking

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Sports Adventurers

If you have arrived in the Durango area for some of the many sports adventures we have here and you need a few extra bucks to extend your stay then contact UniStaff.  We can get you on a variety of temp jobs for as long as you need.  Whatever your needs may be, we are here for you. Contact us today.


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College Students

College Students - we have a variety of temp jobs.....many that we can work around your school schedule.....no matter your experience or skill level, if you’re willing to learn and are a dependable employee we are sure to find the right job for you.

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

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U.. S. Veterans

Uni-Staff, United States military veterans receive personal attention. We will always try to move you to the head of the pack and give your job search high priority.  Contact us Today!

(DD214 required)

Moving House

Relocating to Durango

If you are planning to relocate to Durango and you will be seeking a job, complete our Online App and we will get the the preliminary work completed.  When you arrive call us and we get you in to complete the final paperwork and interview process. We will help you get the work you seek as soon as you are ready.

Cheerful Seniors

Are you a Senior and/or Retired Person?

Retired but want to go back to work for some extra income or maybe just to keep busy.  We have a variety of temp jobs that may fit your schedule and abilities. Contact UniStaff and see what we can offer.


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