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Staffing Solutions

Smart Business

"Staffing Solutions" is a reduced cost option many contractors and clients
utilize to for project employees, seasonal employees or their entire
existing workforce. Either way, Referral Staffing is a smart business decision that
eliminates time consuming government paperwork, worker's comp issues
and employer liabilities. 

Customized Billing

Because we recognize that most contractors/clients will have more than one
project or job and often require the associated cost for each job or project to
be separate, we will gladly customize invoices by job, prepare Davis-Bacon
certified payrolls or other formats requested. 

Staffing Solution Benefits 

Whether you are a contractor, a small business or large corporation, UniStaff
Staffing Solutions provides the following benefits: 

·  Calculation, Preparation and Distribution of Payroll Checks

·  Workers' Comp Insurance Coverage

·  Liability Insurance and Bonding for UniStaff Employees

·  Management of All Workers' Compensation Claims

·  Reporting, Withholding, and Deposit Payments of TAX, FICA, FUTA, SUTA

·  Prepare and Submit All Federal/State Required Reports, 941's, 940's, SUTA's, FUTA's, etc.

·  Unemployment Claim Processing and Management

·  Federal Mandatory New Hire Reporting

·  Administration of Wage Garnishments and Child Support Deductions

·  Processing and Distribution of all W-2's

·  Processing Certified Payrolls Including Davis/Bacon Payrolls

·  Special Invoicing and Employee Reports as Requested

·  Prepare and submit Payroll Reports for Employment Verifications

·  Provide Direct Deposit for Employee Pay Checks

·  The Entire Invoice Amount is Tax Deductible. See Your Tax Accountant for Details.

·  All Worker's Comp Audits Become Our Responsibility

Here are examples of when this service is appropriate:

·  Temporary Employment

·  Bring back previous employees

·  Bring back special skills employees

·  Re-Hire retired personnel

·  Convert 1099 contract employees to W2 employees

·  Budget restraints that prevent hiring permanent employees

·  Head count restrictions

·  Hire expert consultants for short or part time

·  Project employees

·  Refer specific departments or components i.e. warehouse, security, custodians, etc.

·  Trial period evaluations

Seasonal Employees

Some companies utilize only seasonal employees. Staffing allows lay-offs without
affecting permanent staff unemployment rates. If you have specific departments in
your organization that have higher than usual turnovers, staffing provides a smart advantage.

The Rate Advantage

We offer some of the best rates in the industry. For a customized proposal and
rate quote, please call the number listed below. Our rates include all the service
shown above. 


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